Ponvandu Accel Detergent Soap (290 g)


Accel Detergent soap is a unique and effective way to remove tough stains from clothes. This product is made with a unique blend of detergents that work together to break down stains and remove them. Accel Detergent Soap is the best detergent soap for clothes and is safe to use on all types of clothes, including delicate fabrics.

One of the best features of Accel Detergent soap is the fact that it is not harsh on your clothes. This product is gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics but powerful enough to remove tough stains hence it is the best detergent soap for clothes. Accel Detergent Soap is available in leading shops & departmental stores & Online Stores like Bigbasket. Making it a great choice for Homemakers. Most of the homemakers have chosen Accel Detergent Cake as the Best detergent soap for decades.


• A good friend for the household to remove stains.
• It kills the germs present in your laundry cleaning.
• Hight quality ingredients used.
• Good result.


Caution: Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes. Wash hands after using the product.