About US

What’s in a name.? Well, the name says it all.


a brand that has made its way into markets and homes of the consumer.

Shri. Late. A. Jayaraj Nadar

What started as a small-scale industry in 1968
by our founder
Late. A. Jayaraj Nadar

A. J. Saravanan,
Managing Director

Ponvandu has seen phenomenal growth on a commercial scale and is a preferred household name.
The founder envisioned such a foray into the detergent industry, benefitting the common person, and built this company.

following his father’s footsteps, has strategised a whole new dimension in business with the state-of-the-art facilities keeping in mind the noble vision of the Late founder.

Ponvandu provides sophisticated detergents and cleaning solutions with quality as its forte, thus joining the competition with other prominent brands.
Ponvandu’s success formula is evident in its acceptance in all southern regions.
Aiming to tap customers with its hygienic manufacturing approach and easy-to-remove stains formula, Ponvandu has indeed come a long way.

Ponvandu aims to continuously expand its customer reach by bringing in different varieties of detergents, thereby serving all customers’ needs. The company also strives to contribute to society by adopting favourable environmental practices.

It is no surprise then that the new range of detergents has a pleasant-smelling fragrance, is available in liquid form, is gentle on hands, and most importantly, economical to the buyer!

Cleaning solutions at their finest – try it and believe it!!