When it comes to keeping dishes, utensils, plates, and pans clean and sanitary, Ponvandu dishwashing liquid gel for home use is absolutely necessary. Dish wash liquid is a detergent designed specifically to clean kitchenware of grease and grime. It is available as a gel or a liquid. Customers should take into consideration the kind of surfaces that need to be cleaned before cleaning. Ponvandu dish wash liquid removes any kind of tough greases or burnt milk vessels. For normal usage dilute the 1 teaspoon of ponvandu dishwash liquid concentrate to 50 ml of water. Squeeze the scrubber after dipping it to produce a thick lather. For tough stains pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid onto the surface and allow it to react with and scrub the grease.

With the power of lemons, Ponvandu dishwashing liquid cleans greases & stains thoroughly without leaving behind any residue. Effective, as one spoon of Ponvandu dishwashing liquid is all that is required to wash all of the dirty utensils in a full sink. The formula of concentrated dishwashing liquid is extremely degreasing and removes burned-on plates.

• Helps to remove odour.
• Complete Hygiene.
• Clean & Shine.
• Removes Tough Stains and greases.
• A good friend of utensils.
• It shines vessels as new.