When you buy a new towel, the first thing you look for is how quickly it can absorb water, how durable it is, and how fluffy and plush it is. According to Cotton Incorporated Supply Chain, “softness” is one of the main reasons people buy towels: 63% of people look for towels that are soft. However, after the first wash, all towels lose some of their plushness, no matter how expensive or high-quality they are.

Hard water and rubbing additionally separate the texture. The use and washing cycle wear away all of the plushness of the towels over time, making them difficult to use and uncomfortable. The towel’s absorbency level is also affected by this.

Since towels are purchased for their softness and absorbency, which diminish after the first wash and almost disappear after a few, this makes them appear less profitable.

What if we told you that the best way to wash towels lasts a lifetime and doesn’t cost a lot or take much time? We are aware that doing the laundry is a tedious task, but doing it correctly can make a world of difference.

We are going to show you a few tips today on how to wash towels and keep them soft after each wash. No really scouring firm hard towels over the skin that vibe more like a cleaner than a genuine towel.

How to Wash Towels and Maintain their Softness:

Use warm water.

Towels can be washed in a variety of ways with warm water. It gets rid of oil deposits on the towel that won’t come off with cold water. It is much better at absorbing the detergent than cold water, so there is no residue on the towels. Additionally, it aids in the removal of all dirt and dust embedded in the fabric’s fibers by assisting in their loosening.

Place the towels in warm water before soak:

It makes more sense to presoak the towels in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before washing them because warm water naturally cleans them. This amount of time spent soaking gives the towel enough time to get rid of dirt, dust, and oil.

Divide heavy loads into smaller ones:

Towels in a larger load require more detergent, less water, and less room for free movement during the wash cycle. Divide the load into two smaller ones, using less detergent, more water, and more space for washing, as opposed to starting with a single large load.

Choose the right detergent:

There is a widespread misconception that using more detergent results in better cleaning when washing clothes. When it comes to washing towels, choose the right detergent. Ponvandu Matic Liquid detergent is one of the best. The active ingredients in ponvandu matic liquid remove stains, dirt easily in one wash and retains the softness in your towel. Using more detergent than the recommended amount leaves detergent residue behind. Reduce the amount of detergent used to wash towels so that there is no residue left behind.

Reduce your use of fabric softeners

When washing towels, one of the first things that come to mind is fabric softener because it makes them soft. However, it’s important to know that too much fabric softener leaves more residue on the towels. To remove all residue from the towels during the water cycle, reduce the number of fabric softeners used.

Alternate between air drying and tumble drying:

Tumble drying gives towels the fluffy texture they deserve, but the towel fibers are damaged by the heat from the dryer. Alternating between air drying and tumble drying is the most effective method for utilizing a tumble dryer without compromising the fiber’s integrity. To finish drying, place the towels in a tumble dryer with a shorter drying time and partially air dry them on a line. The towels’ natural fluffiness and heat exposure will be reduced as a result.

Give them one last shake to wake up:

Regardless of whether your towels were tumble-dried, air-dried, or both, shake them vigorously after they have dried. Although it may sound trivial, it is extremely effective in making the towels extremely soft and fluffy. The towel’s fibers are loosened by the final shake, restoring their original fluffiness and softness.

A Quick Guide to washing towels and maintaining their softness after washing towels:

  • Use warm water.
  • For 15 to 20 minutes, soak the towels in warm water.
  • Choose smaller loads over a single large one.
  • To prevent residue buildup, use less detergent.
  • To prevent clamping, throw in some tennis balls or dryer balls.
  • For a wash that leaves no residue, use fewer fabric softeners.
  • Towels should be tossed in the tumble dryer for final drying after being partially air-dried.
  • To achieve a super-fluffy texture, vigorously shake the towels.
  • No matter how many times you wash your towels, they will always be clean, fresh, and plush thanks to these easy-to-follow instructions. They will remain as soft as new wash after wash, provide total absorption, and last longer.

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