eight common laundry mistakes while washing

Today we are going to discuss the Eight common laundry mistakes while washing clothes.

1. Sorting of clothes

Simply isolating the whites from colored garments isn’t sufficient. Not only should clothes be sorted by color, but also by size, weight, fabric, how dirty they are, and so on.

Because these factors determine the amount of soaking and detergent required. Towels, bed linen, and newly purchased clothing should all be washed separately.

It will shield your clothing from lint, odor, and color bleeding. To prevent odor, wash kitchen clothes separately.

2. Excessive Rubbing

Although it makes sense to scrub stains prior to washing, Exercise caution. Work your way inward from the outside when scrubbing. You could think it is smarter to go after the center first, however, the relaxing of the particles might make the stain spread.

The purpose of vigorous rubbing will be lost as the stain will become even more deeply ingrained. Before scrubbing, use a stain remover to loosen the particles and make them easier to remove.

3. Using Ordinary Detergent Powder

Ordinary Detergent Powder can get stuck and accumulate between the fibers, especially in woolen and other fabrics with loose weaves. The garment’s lifespan is reduced as a result. On the other hand, liquid detergents like Ponvandu Matic Liquid completely dissolve in water and won’t harm your clothes.

Additionally, it is allergy-safe and easy to rinse, making it safe for infant clothing. Stains can also be treated with Ponvandu Matic Liquid Detergent prior to washing. Because the pH factor is more equable, they are gentler than ordinary powder detergents.

4. Know which is First

Water, detergent, and clothes in the wrong order; Isn’t that what ought to be done? Not exactly. The sensors may become confused about the level of the water if clothes are put on after the water. The best method is to first place the clothes, then add water, letting the machine choose how much, and then Ponvandu Matic Liquid Detergent.

When you use a Ponvandu Matic liquid, it will completely dissolve without clumping or congealing.

5. Not reading the label

Every fabric and garment sold today comes with clear washing instructions on the label, so it’s important to read them carefully. Some clothes require more detergent while others require less scrubbing. Some prefer cold water, while others require warm water. Your clothes will last longer if you sort them and wash them in accordance with the label’s instructions.


6. Not zipping up

Before washing, it may appear prudent to zip up button-up shirts and pants. Although zipping up is a good idea, buttoning up a shirt can put pressure on the buttons and make them come off. To prevent the metal from causing damage to other clothing, any garment hooks should be fastened. You will have an easier time sorting matching pairs if you tie up pairs of socks.

7. Excessing

Anything excess is bad. It is a myth to use too much detergent, bleach, or heat in the hope that it will make your clothes clean better. In point of fact, it may harm your clothing. Excessive heat can not only cause the material to degrade and pose a fire hazard in the case of synthetic fabrics, which are frequently made from petroleum by-products. While too much bleach can harm your clothes, too little will not be effective.

8. Ignoring the lint

After each wash cycle, it is essential to empty the lint catcher and clean the mesh filter. If the lint escapes the filter, it might stain the clothes and stick to them. After some time, it will also emit an unpleasant odor, which is likely to remain on the washed clothes. Additionally, lint can clog the machine and pose a fire risk.

A little tenderness and care can go a long way. Ponvandu Matic Liquid is a liquid detergent with a pleasant fragrance scent that is gentle on your clothes. Because it has a low pH, it is gentle on clothing. It has a built-in fabric conditioner and gives washed clothes a light, pleasant scent all day*. In addition, it is entirely alright for child garments. The product has been made for both top load and front load washing machines, so it will not only get the best cleaning, but it will also make the machine work better and last longer.

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