As a new parent, you can’t wait to dress your little one in all the adorable clothes you find. But washing them off their dirt and stains seem like a daunting task. Well, it doesn’t have to be.

It is however important that you take some special care when washing and storing your baby’s clothes. But these can be managed effortlessly!


We have listed few simple tips on how to wash and care for those delicate baby clothes below. Keep reading!

5 tips for doing your baby’s laundry

Hand in a yellow glove takes the color Laundry out of the washing machine

1.Baby- only loads: Yes or no?

It is common to think that washing your baby’s laundry separately can be safe and effective. But this isn’t entirely true. Separate baby-loads just adds to your work and might not be an efficient way to wash your clothes. 

It is suggested to combine your baby clothes with your everyday laundry. It can be easier to change your existing detergent to that of a baby-safe detergent. This is because your baby is sure to come in contact with your clothes too. So, the best way to keep your baby’s skin safe from irritants is opting for a mild detergent for all your laundry. 

However, this tip is recommended under certain conditions. Some are as follows:

  • You prefer scented detergents that can irritate the baby’s skin
  • Your baby has sensitive skin or is allergic to existing detergent
  • Someone in the family works with harmful substances/chemicals
  • Stained baby’s clothes that need to be separately washed

2. Removing stains

Color clothes soak in powder detergent water dissolution. Laundry concept

When there is a baby, there will be stains. Whether it is the stains from their smelly poop, baby oil, spit-ups, or more- there is always a simpler way to get rid of them. Here is how:

  • Poop: Soak in lukewarm water and treat it with lemon juice before washing
  • Medications: Soak in luke water and treat it with white vinegar before washing
  • Spit-ups- Treat the stain with lemon juice before washing
  • Stubborn stains- Sprinkle baking soda. Later pour some club soda and then scrub to remove stains
  • Oil stains – pre-treat the area with a dish-wash soap and scrub the area before washing

3. Duration of the machine 

Some important tips must be noted before throwing your baby’s clothes in the machine. Here are some:

Wash your baby’s clothes in small loads. This can help in thorough cleaning without damaging the clothes

Use the gentle cycle to help keep your baby’s clothes looking newer

Rinse twice. This can help get rid of an excess detergent that may irritate the baby’s skin

Washcloth diapers and inners with lukewarm water to help get rid of germs and odors.

Read the instructions before tossing your baby’s clothes in the laundry.

4. Wash before wear 

Green baby shorts soak in baby laundry detergent water dissolution, washing cloth, blue background, Laundry concept.

Whether your baby’s clothes are bought brand new or pre-owned, it is necessary to wash them once. This helps get rid of germs or any harmful irritants that may cause your baby to develop a rash. 

So, make sure to wash any and every cloth bought before you dress your baby in them. 

5.Choosing the right detergent

One of the first things to do before doing your baby’s laundry is to choose the best detergent that is both safe and effective. Detergents often contain harmful chemicals that irritate the baby’s skin. Every parent should do the right amount of research before choosing their baby’s detergent.

Always go for mild, non-scented, and baby-safe detergents for all your clothes. If still hesitant, there are many natural alternatives too. There are many homemade recipes that you can find online. Choose the one that fits safe for your little one!

We hope this helped!