If you’re a busy person who has juggled work, and household chores then, you absolutely dread laundry day. Often, we put a hold on household chores to focus more on work and other important things. And then you return to a house filled with dust, dishes, and overflowing laundry baskets.

If you’re one such individual that can use some simple yet effective laundry tips, then this blog is definitely for you. So go ahead, and give it a read!

6 easy laundry tips for busy bees

1. Sort your laundry

This step requires you to keep a few laundry baskets. Sort your baskets based on the clothes you own. For example, keep a separate basket for whites, darks, and really dirty clothes. This way, you don’t have to waste time sorting each garment for the wash. All you have to do is toss your clothes in for a wash and fold them in their basket. It’s simple and efficient!

2. Clean your machine

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Cleaning your machine at regular intervals not only aids better cleaning of your clothes but also enhances the durability of your machine. Now, that’s two things you have to worry less about. Give your machine a good clean every couple of months to remove any residue build-up for a better wash.

3. Add a towel to the dryer

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Forgot to put your clothes to wash on time and now you’re running late with nothing to wear?

Fret not. We have all been there. After all, we’re humans trying to manage through life. This simple trick can help you. Just toss in a towel in the dryer to help absorb moisture from your clothes, allowing them to dry quicker.

4. Keep a schedule

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Mistakes happen. But don’t make it a habit. You cannot always depend on a dry towel for the rescue. This is why you need to come up with a laundry schedule that fits you right. Set a day in every week for your laundry chores. If you have too many clothes piled up, divide your week based on your schedule for your laundry loads.

Don’t pile your clothes up until the last day, and wash them all at once. This puts undue pressure on the machine and doesn’t ensure your clothes are thoroughly clean.

5.Keep your socks safe

One thing that every person running late to their office/school has faced is losing the other sock. You do remember tossing the pair in the machine but can’t find them together anymore. But you can prevent this from happening again with this simple tip.

Just add your socks to a small laundry bag before tossing them for a wash. This way your socks will remain intact for you to easily find them for later.

6.Stay consistent

Laundry doesn’t have to be hard work. But juggling multiple things at once can be burdensome. This is why it is important to keep a schedule and stick to it. Remaining consistent with your schedule is the key to prevent those piles of unwashed clothes in your basket.

It can be tough in the beginning but with the right schedule, laundry can be a cake-walk.

We hope these tips helped.

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