Winter clothes often need special care and maintenance to help prevent them from wearing out and increasing their longevity. 

In this blog, we have gathered few laundry tips that are sure to make caring for your winter easier and simpler.

1.Re-wear your winter clothes

During the winter season, you are less likely to sweat. Therefore, it isn’t always necessary to wash your sweaters and coats frequently. Unless it is smelly or has stains, you can settle for washing your winter after few wears. If you want fresher clothes between each wear, you can add them on the low in your dryer with a dryer sheet for 5 mins for cleaner and fresher clothes. 

2.Treat stains right away!

Whether regular clothes or your winter sweaters, putting off stains to treat them later is always a bad idea. Once the stains have been set; it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Hence, make sure to always treat unsightly stains at the earliest. You can use a stain remover or pre-soak the stains to help get rid of them effectively.

3.Retain the shape of your sweaters

Multiple washes of your sweaters often leave them stretched out. The best way to help retain the shape of your sweaters is by outlining their shape on a big sheet of paper before wash. After the wash, dry your sweater by wrapping them in a towel to help soak up excess water. After this step, lay the sweater on the same paper and reshape it to fill the marked outline. Let it dry flat.

4.Use a laundry bag

When it comes to your hats, beanies, gloves, and mittens- you can settle to wash these once a month. Unless they are stained or smelly. The best way to retain their quality is by putting them in a netted laundry bag. This prevents any wear and tear to the cloth and keeps it from getting separated in the laundry. 

5.Follow the instructions

Before washing your winter clothes, make sure to read the washing instructions from the label. If the garment needs to be dry cleaned, don’t try to machine or hand-wash them. If the fabric is delicate, ensure to use gentle detergents and gentle cycle on your machine. 

6.Storing your winter clothes

Washing winter wears carefully helps them get clean but storing them properly helps prolong their life. Seal your winter clothes when not in use and keep them in your wardrobe. Don’t hang your sweaters instead fold them. Wools stretch and lose their shape when you hang them. Don’t stuff all your winter wear together. Leave them spaces to breathe and stay warm. 

We hope these tips helped! 

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