Laundry doesn’t have to be overwhelming if done the right way. What is the right way, you ask?

Then, this blog is for you!

1. Read the labels

Checking the content. A woman reading a label on hairspray bottle

You must pay close to the labels and instructions on how to wash them. If the label mentions that the particular fabric needs to be “washed separately” or “dry wash”, please follow it, so you don’t risk damaging the fabric.

The care labels also mentioned if the particular garment can be machine washed or not. This is because every fabric has its own properties and must be washed accordingly to enhance its durability. Do not try to rush the process to save time and effort. This is only going to cost your fabric’s quality.

2. Sort it out

Before hastily tossing your laundry into the loader, make sure to sort it out correctly. This means you will have to separate your clothes based on their colors- the lights and the darks. This will prevent the garments from fading and ruining other clothes in the load too. Soiled garments must be washed separately too.

After sorting out this way, separate your clothes based on the type of fabric they are. For example, in the dark-colored clothes pile: separate the heavier clothing like jeans, pants, and jackets from the lighter ones like t-shirts and blouses. This helps you choose the cycle that fits right for each kind of clothing. Thus, make it easier and simpler for you.

3.Choose your detergent

Pick a detergent that suits your machine and the type of your clothes best. If you don’t want to use multiple detergents for your laundry, you can also select an all-purpose detergent. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before. Use the recommended dose only. Remember more detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes.

The detergent residue on your clothes can in turn cause irritation to your skin and also damage the quality of your clothes. In case of any stains on your fabrics, make sure to pre-treat them before adding them to the load. Another important thing to remember is to never add the detergent directly to the clothes. Detergents must be added to the dispenser to ensure equal distribution of the solution.

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4. Water temperature and cycle

You don’t have to wash every load with hot water unless your clothes are heavily soiled or have to be sanitized with hot water to kill germs. The latter is especially applicable when it comes to baby laundry. Other than this, using cold water for your regular clothes works just fine.

Apart from this, choosing the right cycle is important. Select a normal cycle for your regular clothes, while “Delicate” must be used for certain fabrics. For heavier clothing like jeans, jackets, and towels, you can use “Heavy-Duty”

5. Load the washer

Once you have selected the right temperature and cycle, it’s time to load!

But before you do, make sure to do a final check for any untreated stains, wrong clothing (light-colored cloth in the dark-colored load) before loading. Also ensure to check the pockets of the garments for any papers, coins, tissue, etc. Make sure not to leave any zippers or buttons open to avoid damage to both the machine as well as the clothing.

After your final check, you can load the machine. Do not roll your clothes into a wad or cram up the washer with clothes. This prevents the load from moving freely in the water.

6. Dryer time

Once the cycle is complete, make sure to remove your clothes from the washer immediately to dry. This prevents bacterial growth, mildew and prevents bad odors. Either hang them under sunlight or load them into the dryer.

Choose the right dryer temperature based on your clean load to help reduce wrinkles and shrinkage.

7. Storing laundry

Your clean clothes still need care. You must store the completely dry laundry correctly. Fold each piece of clothing and place them in your closet with some spaces. You can place naphthalene balls to prevent pests and keep your clothes smelling fresh for longer periods.

We hope these tips help! Let us know what are the best tips for laundry that you use.