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When it comes to laundry, there are several kinds of garments that have their specific washing needs. Although all kinds of detergents help in cleaning clothes, one must pay extra attention to stretch the longevity as well maintain the quality of fabrics. If not, you might be at risk of ruining them or obtaining laundry results you would not find satisfactory.

In this article, we shall discuss the need for liquid detergent and how one can use it to obtain cleaner and fresher clothes. To begin with, detergent nowadays comes in many forms. Looking back, laundry care has come a long way. From bars of soaps to liquid detergents, fabric softeners, safe bleaches, and more. Laundry has become much easier with different product options to choose from.

1. Gentle on colors

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While powder detergent is preferred by many, it can still contain bleaching agents that fade the color. Liquid detergents however are gentle on colors. Apart from retaining colors, liquid detergent is also effective on stubborn and greasy stains.

2. Works well with washing machine

When it comes to machine needs, liquid detergent is still ideal. Powder detergent can compromise the color of your delicate fabrics but with the liquid detergent, you would not have to choose between removing stains and retaining color.

3. Easy and convenient

Liquid detergents are fairly easy to use. They come in well-packaged bottles that are easy to store and carry. Apart from this, they are easy to measure and pour too. Liquid detergents unlike powder detergents do not leave unwanted white residue as they dissolve very quickly. This also makes it easier to scrub and remove stains from clothes.

4. Perfect for delicate fabrics

Like said before, liquid detergents are gentler. They dissolve quickly into the water and softly wash away stains and dirt making them perfect for your expensive garments. Fabrics made from wool, silk, linen, etc, require good and gentle detergents for washing purposes. Liquid detergents can be a mild alternative that retains the quality of the fabrics even after several washes.

5. Bonus advantage!

Liquid detergent saves water. It takes a lesser dose of liquid detergent and even lesser water for it dissolves (because it’s already in a liquid state) unlike powder detergent, leaving no residue. They are also ideal for front load and top load machines. But make sure to choose the right one based on your machine.

Liquid detergent can help to make laundry day easier and more efficient. Although liquid soaps come with their set of advantages it doesn’t mean you discard powder detergent altogether. Powder detergents are still a great choice for fully automatic washing machines. They work extremely well on mud stains and stubborn greasy spots. You might have to sort your lighter clothes accordingly before tossing them into the machine.

Powder and liquid detergents come in handy based on the type of clothes, stains, and load you’re washing. This is why it is important to know your detergent before choosing them.

At Ponvandu, we understand detergents can come in various shapes and forms but with one common goal: cleaner clothes that do not compromise the quality of the fabric.

This is why, we have formulated liquid and powder detergents that suit your machine, clothes, and your stain removal requirements. No matter what your laundry needs are, Ponvandu Active Detergents is here for you!

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